Your Practice & Peptides
Webinar Wednesdays in October
October 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th at 11am EST

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David Bonfa, Co-Founder of CRE8 Pharmacy, brings his 20 years of experience in Peptides, compounding and functional medicine in this 4-part series! What are Peptides for? Why do your patients need them? How can they be implemented into your practice? All of these questions and more will be answered as David walks us through ways CRE8 Pharmacy aids in providing potential solutions for clinic and patient needs alike.

October 21st 11am EST
Everybody Hurts: Body Repair Peptides

A healthy stomach leads to a healthy brain. A healthy brain leads to a healthy frame. In our 3rd webinar,
we look at Peptides that studies have shown promise in healing the gut, joints, ones and brains!

October 28th 11am EST
Let’s Get it On: Sexual Wellness Peptides (and more!)

From boutique to boudoir! Our final webinar will cover best practices in order to optimize sexual health and increase energy in the
bedroom as well as some additional Peptides. Libido, hair growth, skincare and a few other hot topics!

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