E-prescribing software for pharmaceutical compounds.

CRE8 Rx Online is an electronic prescribing portal replacing paper and faxed prescriptions. Our HIPAA compliant platform integrates perfectly with our pharmacy software, PioneerRx.

Transmission and filling of a medical prescription couldn’t be easier. E-prescribing with CRE8 Rx Online allows a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician-assistant to electronically transmit a new prescription / renewal authorization directly to CRE8 Compounding Pharmacy.

By logging on to your personal portal you will be able to keep track of your orders live as they move through the various stations in our pharmacy. From submittal to final packing verification, following the progress of any prescription is simple. This gives you ease of mind knowing your order is shipping when you requested and informs you of any unexpected changes should they arise.

Most e-prescribing platforms have most commercially available medications but lack in the variety of personalized compounded formulas you are seeking for your patients. We have been hearing over the years about the need for a new e-prescribing tool for pharmaceutical compounds. We’ve gone ahead and built CRE8 Rx Online just for you. We understand how important a tool like this is for the management of your practice; giving you historical data, a comprehensive formulation list, report generation and patient refill tracking, all of which improve your protocols and patient quality of life.

CRE8 Rx Online improves accuracy and enhances patient safety and quality of service with the elimination of handwriting. This leads to effective reduction in human errors of misinterpretation and fewer calls to obtain prescription clarity compared to traditional prescriptions. Securely connect to the HIPAA-compliant portal where all your patient and clinic information is safe.

Intuitive and robust, any medical office can start using CRE8 Rx Online in minutes. From simple generic medications to detailed compounded preparations, CRE8 Rx Online simplifies e-prescribing.

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