Meet CRE8 Compounding Pharmacy’s
dedicated Executive team.

Nancy has been actively involved in compounding pharmacy activities for over 20 years. She gained valuable experience early on by managing several compounding pharmacies. Her deep knowledge of safety, laboratory guidelines and sterile technique has been proven to be accurate and safe over and over again as proven by 3rd party testing. Her track record remains perfect (100%) for sterility and potency.

Nancy’s expertise has been called upon by pharmacists, pharmacy managers and owners to develop several components of their pharmacy such as:
– Quality Assurance (QA) programs.
– Facility requirements to meet inspection standards.
– Safe working environment.
– Meeting International ISO guidelines.
– Flow implementation, ergonomics and processes to respect worker comfort and efficiency.
– Understanding 3rd party testing for sterile compounds, quarantine guidelines and Beyond Use Date (BUD) requirements.

Nancy Dube is a name known across the United States for compounding excellence, uncompromising quality and absolute safety. She continues to be in high demand across the country and abroad.

Christian has over 15 years of extensive knowledge and understanding of blue prints, drawings and technical instructions. He is experienced in the installation of ISO Certified cleanrooms in the State of Florida. His expertise in build out is extensive which deals with many operational protocols and technically specialized construction and maintenance. He has many years of specialty in diagnosing and troubleshooting components and replacing defective equipment as needed pertaining to cleanroom design.

Christian is well informed on company quality-control processes and product compliance, therefore, giving him further advantage in the assembly our state-of-the-art pharmacy layout. His familiarity with the requirements needed to obtain and maintain certification is critical in keeping a pharmacy compliant.

Christian is also a Registered Pharmacy Technician. He has worked in various compounding facilities within the State of Florida. His expertise is specialty compounded creams and injectables.

Paul has co-founded several innovative healthcare startups in the U.S.A. and Canada. His areas of focus within CRE8 Pharmacy include B2B sales development and R&D initiatives. His business experience includes pharmaceutical compounding, nutraceuticals, personalized nutrition and digital therapeutics for chronic illness management.

David has dedicated 17 years to the pharmaceutical industry, during which time his accomplishments have continually stood out.

He has a large network of contacts in the Anti-Aging industry and a proven track record for sales and forging long-term relationships with leading Age-Management physicians. Building strong relationships with doctors is one of David’s strong points.

As senior business development manager for multiple pharmaceutical companies, David has been responsible for increases in revenue and for retaining some of the market’s biggest clients. In January 2014, David decided to pursue his business development and marketing strengths and kick off 3AD Consulting Group. There, he was able to partner with some very knowledgeable team members and provide assistance with regards to Clinical, Nutritional and Pharmaceutical needs.

David regularly attends international industry conferences such as A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) and AMMG (Age-Management Medicine Group). Thanks to his ability for building relationships, he has forged links with some of the world’s foremost preventive medicine experts.

Denise Dugan
Denise DuganAdministrative Director
As an Administrative Director, Denise, is known for her commitment to excellence in building and maintaining positive relationships with clients. Denise is committed to assisting the needs of her clients and managing any issues that arise. She is organized, proactive, and attentive when it comes to problem solving. With sound expertise in problem resolution, she is recognized for her ability to see any issue through to completion. In addition to managing day to day issues, Denise has excellent employee communication skills utilizing training, employee meetings, and one-on-one delivery.

Denise comes from a Human Resources background working for Fortune 500 companies within the Tri-state area of New York and New Jersey.

Sarah Gauna, PharmD
Sarah Gauna, PharmD Pharmacy Director
Sarah Gauna, PharmD, is our Director of Pharmacy. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy. Sarah joined the CRE8 Pharmacy team in 2017.
In her role at CRE8 Pharmacy, Sarah provides exceptional service to both patients and providers. Her clinical knowledge is always appreciated and well received by our providers. She collaborates with providers to ensure patients are receiving optimal medication therapy.

Sarah serves in many different roles within the pharmacy, including innovative solutions to support business growth; continually developing ways to improve operational efficiency; motivating technician staff to exemplify quality service.

Sarah has received extensive training in both sterile and non-sterile compounding from PCCA. She is continuously keeping informed of regulator changes and developing her knowledge in advancements of compounding.

Taylor Shirey
Taylor Shirey Lead Pharmacy Technician
Taylor Shirey is our Lead Pharmacy Technician. Taylor attended The University of New Hampshire studying biology; but soon realized Florida was where she wanted to reside. She is currently continuing her education in South Florida with the goal of becoming a Pharmacist. Taylor joined CRE8 Pharmacy in 2017.

Taylor has been trained in both sterile and non-sterile compounding and continues to develop her knowledge of aseptic techniques. Under the direction of the Pharmacist in Charge, Taylor, manages both the sterile and non-sterile compounding lab operations. Ensuring timely production and quality of patient’s compounded medications. In conjunction with the Pharmacists, Taylor also assists in managing daily workflow and providing support to the entire technician team.

Michael Millares
Michael Millares Sales Development Manager
Michael is the Sales Development Manager for CRE8 Pharmacy. He attended Florida International University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, majoring in Business Management. Michael joined the team in 2018.

At CRE8 Pharmacy, Michael ensures that not only his clients, but all clientele have the best pharmacy experience possible. In addition to managing successful relationships with providers, Michael is a Registered Pharmacy Technician which provides him with knowledge and understanding of pharmacy products and operations.